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The Queen Of All Tapes

Hello my beautiful lash bosses, I wanted to talk about the queen of all tapes, my reason for having tear free clients! I use to use gel pads but 80% of my clients always ended up tearing up from them & then the gel pad would swell & create a stinging sensation. Which leads me to this tape, to be honest girls it's the most gentle one I've ever laid my hands on! Even after doing a full set  it maintains its gentle but effective hold & doesn't budge. Peels away from the skin & lower lashes gently & residue free. The Nexcare Tape offers pain-free removal, yet holds securely. The tape is latex-free and an ideal choice for those clients with fragile or sensitive skin. Unlike other medical tape, this tape offers clean removal and minimal hair pulling post eyelash extension application. It is also repositionable, tears easily by hand, is water- resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable. I love this badass tape 🤓 Ive included the link below to the page on amazon where I order this tape from retailing at $5.99(much cheaper then buying it from the drugstore)I always like to buy this tape in bulk, so I'm never without!

Shelly W. xo


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