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Lash refresher Course 


Comes with live model practice + certificate.

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Learn In-person 

Course Curriculum

Theory and Knowledge 

An overview of the natural lash and eye, lash growth phases and understanding eyelash extensions.

The Essentials Of Lashing

Understand the application of classic and volume lashes, Identify what tweezers to use for application , fanning techniques, and learn how to resolve common challenges.

Lash Curls and Styling

Learn how to map your set to your clients eye shape, practice different styling and layering techniques, gain the knowledge of the relationship between the natural lash, curl and weight of a lash extension and recommend lash sets based on popular looks and your clients eye shape.

Aftercare, Refills and Removals

You will be able to give your clients an insight how to retain and care their lash extensions and learn different methods for refills and removals.


Business Growth

Learn how to navigate social media to promote and market your new service. We show you how to attract clientele, price your services , learn how to market on social media, teach you business building tips, customer service and how to take photos of your work.

Health and Safety

We show you methods on how to sanitize and disinfect, how to prepare and set up for your clients and allergy/infection knowledge.

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In Person Trainings

 Since 2019


Online Trainings

Private Training

$450 CAD

Valued At $550 CAD

Do you feel like your looking for some tips on marketing techniques, learn new techniques or looking to get back in the Lash Industry? Then this course is for you!

This course is for any certified lash artist that needs to brush up on their lashing skills and need further guidance to advance their career as a lash technician. We help build up your current knowledge/skills and concentrate on all the areas you are not confident in! This course is suited for your needs and includes live model practice.



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