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Our Lash Masterclass is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially beginners looking to establish a lucrative career in the beauty industry. We provide a comprehensive foundation by covering a diverse range of topics and practical training that covers essential skills like classic and volume lash application, proficiency in selecting the right tools, and how to create tailored sets.

To empower you further in building a thriving lash business, our course offers valuable guidance on effective social media marketing, pricing strategies, and delivering top-notch customer service. Additionally, participants in our Masterclass enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on future courses for ongoing education or when purchasing additional products to enhance their lash kits. You also have the flexibility to choose between one-on-one training with the CEO of Iced Lashes or convenient online training, making learning accessible and tailored to your needs. Start your journey to success in the lash industry with us today!



Our Lash Kit is carefully curated and designed to ensure your success in lash artistry. Beyond the fundamentals, the kit prioritizes precision and client comfort, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced lash artists. It includes tools that facilitate workspace organization, perfecting lash styling, and precise application, all while enhancing client comfort throughout the process.

Lash Bed
Beginner Iced Lashes Tweezer Set
Iced Lashes Sensitive Skin Tape
Iced Lashes Eyelash Trays
Iced Lashes Peach Cream Sensitive Remover
Tweezer Cleaner
Iced Lashes "Apeshit Adhesive"
Marble Tile
Mascara Wands
Flocked Applicators
Advanced Glue Rings
Gel Eye Pads
Realistic Eyelash Mannequin with six lids
Physical Training Manual + Certificate


Enrolling in our Lash Masterclass opens a world of benefits for your lash artistry journey. You'll start with a comprehensive Full Kit, equipping you with essential tools for precise lash application. Beyond that, you gain access to lifetime support, ensuring guidance and assistance whenever needed. As a Masterclass participant, you enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on products and future courses, allowing continuous skill growth and smart savings. Upon completion, you earn a valuable certification, enhancing credibility and career prospects. Learning from an accredited industry trainer sets our Masterclass apart, offering insights from a recognized expert. Choose between in-person or online learning to tailor your education. This investment isn't just about skills; it's a comprehensive career boost with support, discounts, recognition, mentorship, and flexibility. Your path to long-term success in lash artistry begins here


In the first set of the eight hours, It begins with an exploration of natural lash anatomy, growth phases, and eyelash extensions. Moving on, you'll master the intricacies of lash application, from classic to volume techniques, and gain proficiency in selecting the right tools. Lash styling and customization are also on the agenda, teaching you how to create tailored sets based on client eye shapes and preferences. You'll become an expert in lash care, learning how to advise clients on aftercare and mastering refill and removal methods. To help you thrive in the industry, the course includes business growth strategies, such as harnessing social media for marketing and honing your customer service skills. Safety and hygiene are paramount, with a focus on maintaining a clean workspace and managing allergies and infections effectively.


Personalized Attention: Tailored instruction and feedback focused solely on your progress.

Customized Curriculum: Learning pace, topics, and techniques adjusted to your specific needs.

Immediate Correction: Instant feedback and guidance during hands-on practice.

Enhanced Confidence: Gaining expertise and building confidence through individualized attention.

Efficient Learning: Accelerated progress due to dedicated, one-on-one instruction.

Q&A Interaction: Direct and in-depth discussions with the instructor.

Exclusive Knowledge: Access to the instructor's expertise and industry insights.

Skill Mastery: Opportunities for thorough skill development and refinement.

Student Success Stories

I recently had the privilege of getting my Master lash course done from Iced Lashes and I must say it was an incredible experience. Shelly is knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to teaching the art of lashing.

Aman Samra

Alexa Young, CA

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