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At Iced Lashes, we're not your typical brand – we're more like a family with a shared love for all things lashes. Our story began in 2019, nestled in Mississauga, Ontario, and it's been quite the adventure ever since.
Lashes aren't just products to us; they're our passion, our obsession. We don't just sell them; we live and breathe them. Our team is a close-knit crew of lash artists, experts, and enthusiasts who eat, sleep, and dream lashes.
We're not just about delivering high-quality lash products; we're all about supporting and inspiring lash professionals and beauty entrepreneurs. We've put our heart and soul into perfecting our craft and testing all of our products.
Our mission is simple: to boost, motivate, and uplift the lash industry. We understand the drive and creativity it takes to succeed in this business, and we're here to fuel that fire. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has led us from our humble beginnings in Mississauga to serving lash lovers worldwide.

As a Master Lash Extension Artist, Shelly has spent countless hours honing her craft and perfecting her technique. Her journey to becoming an expert in the field did not begin with a clear passion or direction, but rather with a deep reflection on the value of time and how she wanted to spend it.
Like many others, Shelly found herself in a career that didn't quite align with her values or aspirations. She knew that she didn't want to simply "work" for the rest of her life, but rather to pursue something that she truly loved and believed in.
She was once told a quote that has stuck with her to this day: "You've come to a place where being smart ain't enough. You gotta have heart." This statement resonated with her deeply, and she knew that in order to truly excel in her field, she needed to not only possess the technical
skills and knowledge, but also the drive and passion to constantly strive for excellence.
As Shelly stepped out of the retail management world, she began to refine her craft and focus on her ability to improve each and every day. She took things slowly, building a solid foundation and paving her own road in the industry. There were times when she questioned if this was the right path for her, but she knew that nothing in life is certain and she had to trust her instincts.
Through sacrifice and commitment, Shelly followed her heart and became a Master Lash Artist. She is now 9x certified in Volume Application, an educator, and the Founder of Iced Lashes. Her experience and dedication have allowed her to not only excel in her craft, but also to inspire and teach others to do the same.


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