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Our Volume Course is the perfect next step for experienced lash technicians. If you've already got the basics down, our course takes you to the next level. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics, from the distinctions between classic and volume lashes to mastering various volume techniques. You'll gain proficiency in selecting the right tools and learn how to craft tailored lash sets, allowing you to offer diverse styling options that meet your clients' expectations.



Our Volume Lash Essentials Kit is meticulously crafted to elevate your lash extension skills, especially if you're an experienced lash technician with an existing toolkit. This kit doesn't replace what you already have; it enhances your capabilities and brings substantial added value.


Beginner Iced Lashes Tweezer Set

Iced Lashes Sensitive Skin Tape

Iced Lashes Eyelash Trays"

"Apeshit Adhesive"

Marble Tile
Advanced Glue Rings
Gel Eye Pads

Eyelash Fan Storage

Mascara Wands



Enrolling in our Volume Course opens a world of benefits for your lash artistry journey. You'll start with a comprehensive Full Kit, equipping you with essential tools for precise lash application. Beyond that, you gain access to lifetime support, ensuring guidance and assistance whenever needed. As a Volume Course participant, you enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on products and future courses, allowing continuous skill growth and smart savings. Upon completion, you earn a valuable certification, enhancing credibility and career prospects. Learning from an accredited industry trainer sets our Volume Course apart, offering insights from a recognized expert. Choose between in-person or online learning to tailor your education. This investment isn't just about skills; it's a comprehensive career boost with support, discounts, recognition, mentorship, and flexibility. Your path to long-term success in lash artistry begins here.


In our five hour course, you'll delve into essential theory and knowledge, gaining insights into classic vs. volume lash techniques, the advantages of volume lashes, and fundamental tips and tricks. As you progress, you'll master various volume techniques, tweezers selection, fanning techniques, and skill enhancement. You'll also learn the intricacies of lash curls and styling, offering clients different lash styles with precise placement and wrapping techniques. Additionally, the course equips you to provide aftercare guidance, perform refills and removals, and ensures you understand the business side, including social media marketing, pricing, customer service, and photography. We prioritize your safety, teaching you hygiene practices, client preparation, and allergy/infection prevention.


Experienced Lash Technicians: Those who already have a foundation in lash extensions but want to specialize in volume techniques can benefit from focused, individualized training.

Fast Learners: Individuals who learn quickly and want to accelerate their progress can take advantage of one-on-one training to cover material at their own pace.

Those Seeking Mastery: For lash artists who are dedicated to mastering their craft and achieving excellence in volume lash application, personalized training offers the opportunity for in-depth skill development.

Specific Learning Goals: Those with specific learning goals or challenges can address their unique needs more effectively through individualized instruction.


Student Success Stories

She's very prepared, motivated and encouraging. I took her training and felt very comfortable and appreciated the time she took to help me train ! She knows what she is doing and is very educated on her business and loves to help and educate others ! Glad I got to train with her ! She was a great teacher and I learned so much !

Angelic Artistry

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