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Welcome to our Fanning Workshop, a comprehensive program tailored specifically for experienced lash technicians seeking to elevate their skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of lash artistry. With a special emphasis on mastering the creation of stunning volume lash fans, our intensive 2-hour course has been thoughtfully designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and expertise required to excel in creating various types of lash fans. This workshop provides you with the unique opportunity to not only learn but also refine advanced fan-making techniques that are essential for achieving excellence in the world of lash extensions.



The essentials for our Fanning Workshop have been carefully curated to enhance your lash fanning skills, specifically catering to experienced lash technicians who already have their toolkit. This kit doesn't replace your existing tools; instead, it amplifies your abilities and offers significant added value to your skill set.

Volume Tweezer 

Lash Tray



Joining our Fanning Course opens up a world of advantages tailored to enhance your journey in lash artistry. Our commitment to your success means we prioritize personalized attention, ensuring you receive one-on-one guidance that builds confidence and maximizes your learning in lash extensions. Enjoy the privilege of ongoing support for a lifetime, ensuring you always have access to the guidance and assistance you need.
As a participant in our Fanning Course, you'll also gain an exclusive 15% discount on our high-quality products and future courses, empowering you to continuously refine your skills while saving smartly. Upon successfully completing the course, you'll receive a valuable certification that not only validates your expertise but also bolsters your credibility and career opportunities within the industry.
What sets our Fanning Course apart is the opportunity to learn from an accredited industry expert, gaining priceless insights from a recognized recognized expert.


Within our 2 hour Fanning Workshop, where we'll teach you how to create beautiful lash fans. This course covers a range of lash thicknesses, from very fine (0.03) to thicker ones (0.05 and 0.07). You'll start by learning how to grab lashes of different thicknesses and then move on to the basics of fan handling. We'll show you how to hold your tweezers correctly for precise work and explore various techniques like pinching, pick up, and fan creation. Plus, we'll dive into spike making and help you find the sweet spot on your tweezers for creating perfect fans. 


Experienced Lash Technicians: Lash artists with prior experience in lash extensions who want to refine their skills and master advanced techniques for creating beautiful fans.

Lash Artists Looking for Specialization: Those interested in specializing in advanced lash techniques, such as creating mega volume fans or unique lash styles.

Lash Technicians Returning to the Field: Lash technicians who took a break from the industry and want to re-enter with up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Student Success Stories

She's very prepared, motivated and encouraging. I took her training and felt very comfortable and appreciated the time she took to help me train ! She knows what she is doing and is very educated on her business and loves to help and educate others ! Glad I got to train with her ! She was a great teacher and I learned so much !

Angelic Artistry

Alexa Young, CA

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