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Business Tip: If you say you want to do lashes, then get trained and do lashes. You can talk about it and stay where you are, or do it and make money from it. I just want to share some math with you.

So it’s important, for your life, that you don’t get distracted here. If you do 5 sets of lashes per week at $75 per set, you’re making $1500 per month. But here’s the interesting part though. Why would you only do 4 sets per week? The reason you get your lash training is to become confident in the work then just use it over and over. So if you started doing 8 sets per week, look what happens to the numbers.

You’re now making $2400 per month. This is exactly how I started my lash business. I asked myself these questions: 1) What’s the investment? 2) What’s the potential return on my investment? 3) What will I lose if I DON’T do this? You’re on this page because you’re passionate about beauty. And some of you already know that working from home as a lash artist is one of the best ways to make money, and some of you have just learned that a minute ago by reading this post. And my question is, will you actually get trained? And if the answer to that is yes, that’s awesome. And will you have all the tools, methods, marketing tricks, support, and skill set to build a profitable lash business? You don’t need to have a fancy lash bar. Most successful women in this industry work from home or a private small space! You don’t always need a prior background in beauty. You don’t need to use expensive marketing tactics like fancy branding and paid advertising. And you certainly don’t need to compete with low-priced lash technicians who cut corners just to make a buck. They serve a totally different clientele than you deserve. When I first decided to get lash training, I only planned to do 2-3 sets per week, part-time, for some extra income. But the industry has been growing so rapidly that I turned it into a full-time career, I love what I do, & not a day goes by I feel like i made the wrong turn, this changed my life. So here’s what I can tell you. Stop talking and start taking action. Even if it’s not lashes, whatever your dream is, you must take action on it. You will never be “ready.” I didn’t start out being good at lashes, I GOT good at lashes. So I am not special, or different then you!

PS: If your interested in getting into the lash industry click the training tab up top, or connect with me today !

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You finally took the plunge and got a set of gorgeous eyelash extensions. You’re thrilled with your new look, but not sure how exactly to take care of your lashes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple ways to keep your eyelash extensions looking great for as long as possible:

Don’t Get Them Wet for At Least 24 Hours

Once your eyelash extensions have a chance to fully set, which can take 24-48 hours, you can get them wet. Until then, avoid showering (at least without wearing a pair of goggles) and try to use makeup removing face wipes to wash your face without getting it wet. Crying counts as getting your lashes wet, so this is probably the time to avoid watching The Notebook or having an emotional heart-to-heart with your significant other.

Avoid Pulling Or Rubbing

When drying your face you should either let your eyelash extensions air dry or gently pat them with a clean, dry towel. Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes, as this can cause them to fall out sooner than they are supposed to, potentially yanking your natural lash out at the same time. Some women like to dry their lashes with a hair dryer. Just be sure to use the cool setting, as the heat from the hairdryer can weaken the glue used on your lashes.

Comb Them Daily

Your lash tech should give you an after care kit, which will include a small “spoolie” that can be used to gently comb your lashes each day. This will help keep them from tangling or getting crisscrossed, and give you defined, tidy lashes.

Use An Oil-Free Cleanser

Oil found in face wash and moisturizer can dissolve the eyelash extension glue, causing them to fall out much sooner than they should. Oil-free cleansers are a must when you have eyelash extensions. If you use a night cream containing oil, be sure to keep it away from your eyelash extensions.

You can use an oil-free face wash or cleanser made specifically for eyelash extensions to wash your lashes every few days. Simply wet your fingers and add a little cleanser, then gently swipe your fingers across the eyelashes, loosening and removing any dirt or oil.

Sleep on Your Back

If at all possible, try to avoid sleeping on your stomach when you have eyelash extensions. Doing so can cause your eyelash extensions to crimp or bend when they rub against your pillow. Plus, they may fall out more rapidly on the side you sleep on since only that side of your face is rubbing your pillow.

Once you get used to sleeping on your back, you may prefer it since doing so prevents those unsightly “sleep wrinkles” you get on your face and chest when you sleep on your side or stomach.

In addition to following these tips, the best way to make sure your lashes look amazing and last a long time is to get them applied by a skilled and trained lash tech, like the one at ICED LASHES! Be sure to read reviews and ask whatever questions you have before booking your appointment.

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You’re noticing that as the cooler temperatures starts your eyelash extensions seem to be falling at a faster rate. No, your lashes aren’t throwing a temper tantrum and throwing themselves on the