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Toronto Eyelash Extensions


Are you lash artist with passion for lashing?

Are you active in social media?

Do you like working with great quality products?

Do you want to receive FREE lash products and exclusive discount codes regularly on our trainings & products?

We believe that spreading the word between lash technicians around the world helps all passionate lash artists find the products they're looking for. If you love our products as much as we do, then this is for you babe!

the benefits of joining the icey family

  • You will receive your own exclusive promo code for 15% off, all purchases including all training courses 

  •  Using your exclusive promo code earn a commission of 10% LOTTO DOLLARS $$ on any purchase made using your code!

  • LOTTO DOLLARS can be used towards trainings & all purchases.  

  • You'll always know about upcoming new products/trainings FIRST

  • Gain attention on your social media platform by having daily reposting & featuring on the ICED LASHES feed.


  1. You must be a certified lash technician (being certified through ICED LASHES is an asset but not a requirement)

  2. You are required to post ICED LASH posts 3 times weekly featuring products or courses

  3. A social media of an audience/following appropriate to the lash industry

  4. Have a business, non-private Instagram

  5. Must have "@ICEDLASHES plus your promo code " in INSTAGRAM bio

  6. Use #icedlashes on your posts on your Instagram 

Toronto Eyelash Extensions

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Thanks for submitting, talk soon Ice Babes.

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