“WHIPLASH” Glue Shaker

“WHIPLASH” Glue Shaker


Do you ever ache from having to “vigorously” shake your adhesive before using it? Ensuring your adhesive has fully mixed is essential when lashing, so what better than a machine that does this for you in less than 10 seconds!


Save your wrists and constant shaking every time you require glue.

Featuring an ergonomic chunky handle which largely reduces the vibration during use, “WHIPLASH” Glue Shaker could rotate at a high speed which greatly enhances work efficiency.



Directions: Fast and effective lash glue shaker is comfortable to use and easy to operate. Firmly Insert the glue then press the button to start shaking whilst rotating the machine for the best results. To slow down press the button once. To stop just press the button again to allow the machine to gradually slow down. Compatible with other adhesives by our interchangeable nozzles you only need to shake for up to 20 seconds! Powered by batteries which are not included.

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