Icey Stone

Icey Stone


The Icey Stone with gold plated edge  .

These lash tiles can be used as an elegant accent to your workstation or salon. These lash tiles are glided withhold plated on the edges. the smooth surface of the lash tile make it easy to place or remove your lash strips.  



  • Not only a stylish addition to ANY Lash Tech's workstation, they also prevent you from breathing in fumes directly and help to keep your glue cool
  • The cool surface of the stone keeps glue temperature lower and keeps every drop of glue fresher for longer.
  • The smooth surface presents a much easier way to dose the glue and clean after the treatment.
  •  Pure natural resin material perfectly reproduces the smooth and professional texture of a stone .
  •  The Icey Stone can be used as a lash tile or glue holder
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