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 I didn't wake up knowing what I was passionate about, and I have a feeling neither did you. I started to think more & more about the value of time. How am I spending it? Who am I spending it with?

What am I doing? Why am I doing it?

I once heard a saying that sat with me; "You've come to a place where being smart ain't enough. You gotta have a heart." After stepping out of the retail management world, I knew I didn't want to work. Instead, I wanted to do something because I chose to do it. Because I love to do it, and that's how I stumbled upon eyelash extensions. So then I tried to patiently refine my craft and focus on my ability to do better than the day before. I wanted to put one foot in front of the other very slowly. Why? Because that's where it was comfortable. I had brief moments in time where I wondered if this industry was for me, after several attempts, lots of tears, long days & lots of hard work I was still unsure. 

But after paving the road I walk on, a little sacrifice and a lot of commitment, I had a strong urge to follow my heart, so, I did, and I never looked back again, this is where I'm supposed to be!.

I am now a Master Lash Artist
(9 times trained in volume) 
Educator & the Founder of ICED LASHES

Shelly Walia xo

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